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God DAMN I’m on fire today! Best sales month ever! Love my job! 👑💰💯

Tuesday. Early as fuck. Tired as hell. Rise and grind.

Slowly becoming a new home. 👌🏡 #newflat #newlivingroom

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Yeah… Getting a tub was a great idea. 😳 But it warms my heart to see the boys enjoy their first day at our new apartment. ❤️ #brothers #family #love #life

Saturday with the best of friends.

Getting some new ink.

(Black Magic Tattoo)

Friday. Chocolate.

Remind me not to move again for a few years. Need a vacation after this.

Pre-beard. #tbt

Coffee is my best friend.

(Ricoh IT-Partner Karlshamn)

Photography @fmlindquist_beard

Featured by @jointhebeard ! And next to the one and only @lukeditella  Thanks for the love

The first meal in the new apartment. #life

Pick up the dictionary. Look up “tired as fuck”. I bet there’s a picture of me.

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