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In about a month we get the key to our new apartment. And the only thing I will miss from Ågatan 41 it is this view.

23 augusti 2014. 16:33.

Saturday. Working on a Bronson mustache.

Another day. Another dollar.

Alright autumn. Bring it.

The first run after the vacation. Hard. Soaked. But quite Rocky Balboa. 

It’s always been a privilege being your father and watching you grow up. Thank your for letting me be part of your life. ❤️

Great idea to spend the entire night gaming. Looking fresh.

Nostalgia at it’s best. Still just as good. 23 years later.

Korv Lover.

The most important meal of the day. Coffee.

The best way to spend your Friday night.

My family. My life.

The Goonies. My crew. The best crew.

Miss you every day.

Thank you vacation 2014. It’s been fun and all, but now It’s time to get back to business. 

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